About us

Our Mission

The Royal Oceania Institute exists to provide strategic solutions founded on independent, non-partisan, research and analysis to advance Pacific centred interests in the region. During an age of global uncertainty where prevailing conditions challenge the economy, security and environment of island nations, ROI is deeply committed to supporting key actors in the government; civil society and business communities to safely navigate both domestic challenges and those faced on the world stage. We aim to provide an inclusive and homegrown platform that encourages and fosters the next generation of interdisciplinary leaders, academics and policy makers. We aspire to create an enabling environment for political and policy consensus. ROI looks to facilitate the forging of new strategic alliances for mutual cooperation whilst reenforcing existing partnerships. Our mission is to aid policy and decision making and build up capacities for a more resilient, sustainable and secure future.  




constructive initiatives that ensure open, free, robust and inclusive policy dialogues.


independent research and analysis that advances Pacific centred interests in the region.


sustainable solutions with lasting positive impacts on the Pacific region and it’s people.


conventional wisdom and thinking to overcome persistent obstacles in achieving sustainable development.


new ideas and choices to help shape our own narrative in the global discourse.


The Mandate

The Royal Oceania Institute (ROI) is an independent, Tongan think tank. ROI’s goals are to support and pursue Pacific-centered, ethical, fact-based research and analysis. It will also facilitate open dialogue on topics relevant to community, sustainable development, and regional relations.

ROI grew out of an identifiable need for a non-partisan, permanent, accessible and reputable platform for building confidence and cooperation, and encouraging broad information sharing and understanding. One of the many advantages of this approach is that through better research and open dialogue, investments in development have a better chance of reaching their full potential for the benefit of all involved.

ROI will stringently pursue a policy of independence. Funding will not influence the integrity, direction or quality of its research. ROI is deeply committed to its vision for a resilient, prosperous, secure and independent Tonga in a strong, prosperous and secure Pacific.