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The Royal Oceania Institute (ROI) is a new, independent, Tongan think tank. ROI’s goals are to support and pursue Pacific-centered, ethical, fact-based research and analysis. It will also facilitate open dialogue on topics relevant to community, sustainable development, and regional relations.

ROI grew out of an identifiable need for a non-partisan, permanent, accessible and reputable platform for building confidence and cooperation, and encouraging broad information sharing and understanding. One of the many advantages of this approach is that through better research and open dialogue, investments in development have a better chance of reaching their full potential for the benefit of all involved.

ROI will stringently pursue a policy of independence. Funding will not influence the integrity, direction or quality of its research. ROI is deeply committed to its vision for a resilient, prosperous, secure and independent Tonga in a strong, prosperous and secure Pacific.

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Latest Posts

  • New Research Director Appointed
    We’re happy to announce our new Research Director, Miss Eunji Lee.
    New Board of Directors for ROI announced.
  • What is the ‘Plus’ in PACER Plus?
    A big part of the narrative around PACER Plus has been that it is more than just a standard free trade agreement. The ‘plus’ as far as Australia and New Zealand are concerned is the inclusion of a chapter on development assistance. For much of the negotiation period, Pacific island negotiators have attempted to get the ‘plus’ to include guarantees around labour mobility.