Minoru Nishi

Minoru Nishi Jr is the Managing Director of Nishi Trading Co. Ltd in Tonga, a company that has been commercially farming exporting and importing fresh fruit and vegetables for over 40 years. Since Minoru Jr joined the family run company, it has diversified its operations to the Nishi Quarry and manufacturing plant (2002), an Agri-Store (2005) and the Nishi Foundation. Minoru Jr is also responsible for building a HACCP certified pack house in Tonga (2014) and the first pack house to be certified with SCHS (Sea Container Hygiene System) in the Pacific.

The Nishi foundation is a charitable arm of Nishi Trading and has successfully implemented a TNQB approved Horticultural Certificate Course Level 2, a healthy eating educational program (Mai e Nima) and many research projects with development partners such and Tokyo University of Agriculture, University of the Sunshine Coast, Brother International, ACIAR and CSIRO. Minoru has also had extensive experience on boards of regional bodies such as PIFON and PHARMA PLUS (MAWG), and local boards such as MORDI, Tonga Development Bank and Tonga Post.